Dynamic weather part 2 – occlusion queries.

I talk a bit about how the weather system is implemented in this post about snow cover, but I’ll go over it briefly again. The weather consists of a series of precipitation and temperature fronts that move across the map. Each “front” is a blob-like texture that is rendered to a render target after being combined […]

Simulating lightning and thunder

To jump straight to the video, go here: In this post I’ll talk about how I am making a lightning effect. No, not a lightning bolt itself – that’s somewhat interesting and perhaps worth a post in and of itself – but a lightning flash effect accompanied by thunder. The sudden bright-as-day flashes that light […]

Rendering snow on the ground

I recently made a few performance improvements with my snow rendering system, so I figured it would be a good time to talk about the challenges I’ve faced in getting nice-looking snow cover. I’m still not overly satisfied with the way it looks or performs, but it seems interesting to talk about anyway. Tracking snow accumulation […]

And the results

I finally put together a little video of what the wind effects look like in my game engine. The wind is plugged into the weather systems now, and I simulate gusts (so that not all plants are moving at the same rate) with 4 “wind emitters” that cycle through the scene moving in the wind […]

Wind animations for vegetation

(Note: the original post and the included visual studio solution had some inaccuracies. These have been fixed as of 2:25PM PST 10/19/2011) GPU Gems 3 provides a nice article on vegetation shading and animation in the Crysis engine. Since one of the features of the game I have in development is a dynamic weather system with […]

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