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Week of Awesome II – day 6 (belated)

It’s actually the beginning of day 7 (12 hours left in the competition), but I never got around to this last night.

Stopped in my tracks

Yesterday morning didn’t go so well. I wanted to start work on baking lightmaps in Unity to get some kind of global illumination. The first thing I encountered, however, was that Unity would freeze when I started certain levels from the editor. Work was brought to an immediate halt as I tried in vain to debug this. Was my scene file corrupted somehow? I had recently (the night before) changed a bunch of model import settings needed to generate lightmaps. I started panicking a bit.

I caused some bugs while building this level last night.

I caused some bugs while building this level last night.

Some googling suggested this might just be a script that was caught in an infinite loop. It was hard for me to believe that this would cause the editor to permanently freeze. Surely there would be some facility to detect this in Unity? It wouldn’t be hard – just have another thread running that monitors where or not the main game thread has spent too long in a script’s Update. But that’s exactly what it was. While building my final cutscene the night before I had introduced an infinite loop in one of my scripts. I tracked it down by removing objects from my scene until the problem no longer repro’d. 1.5 hours wasted (though after finding out this could be due to a hanging script, I was able to find the cause fairly quickly). Two helpful reminders here:

  • I was making pretty substantial changes to core scripts – I should have tried out a few other levels periodically while doing this, as that would have narrowed the scope of the detective work I would have had to do
  • I had switched a bit into “hack stuff together” mode, and this bug was basically introduced because of that

Light maps

After getting basic lightmap baked and working, I set about figuring if my additional constraints made this feasible. In particular, I need to be able to switch to a “dark” lightmap when the lights go off in my game. After some poking around, I found a way to do this by setting null lightmaps from script. One problem solved.

Light probes in Unity

Light probes in Unity

I noticed that shadows from my one dynamic light had vanished. Or rather that they only appeared when my character walked under bright static lights (which makes no sense at all). This was the beginning of a 6 hour process of trying to get shadows to work properly. I ended up not being able to. I obviously have a flaw in my understanding of how lightmaps work in unity. Supposedly one directional dynamic light is supported with lightmaps – and it is, sort of. Unfortunately it looks like the final lighting term is (dynamic_directional_light + light_map * shadow_term) instead of (dynamic_directional_light * shadow_term + light_map). The only way I could get my character’s shadow to show up in slightly darker regions of the level was to pump up the shadow strength to full, which made the shadow edges look horrible and caused shadows to appear behind objects.

At any rate, I was about to throw in the towel when I decided to try simple projected “fake shadows”. They were quick to set up and looked decent enough (enough to “ground” the character). So I decided to go with it.

As it was now 6pm, I really doubted that I would have enough time to set up the lighting rigs in all 8 levels. This includes placing lights around the scene, and putting in light probes everywhere to light my dynamic objects. It turned out this process went much more quickly than I had anticipated though. It ended up taking only about 20 minutes per level.

GI with many lights using light maps on the left.

GI with many lights using light maps on the left.

Overall, this is the first really big struggle I’ve had with Unity (getting nice shadows to play well with lightmaps). I also find the light probe placement UI kind of finicky. Other than this, Unity has been an absolute joy to use. Most everything works robustly and works quickly.

I finished in good time and got to work on other polish.


Today I have only minor fixes I need to make to get the final submission ready. So hopefully that will give me time to add some more polish and flourish. We’ll see how far I get! Today shouldn’t be nearly as stressful as yesterday though.

There are some noticeable artifacts in my light mapping, but I’m not going to bother fixing them. I tried various light map settings but they still appear. So maybe it’s a problem with the way my models are constructed?



One comment on “Week of Awesome II – day 6 (belated)

  1. Grats on reaching polishing stage. Looking forward to playing the game.

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