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Week of Awesome – day 2

Well day 2 has come to a close. I have most of the gameplay basics up and running now. I need to actually start working on level design! Hopefully the mechanics will be good enough for an interesting game.

Let’s list the various tasks I accomplished today, other than the bulk of the work on the gameplay mechanics.

I have a fully 3d simulated physics world, but I also need to move objects by tile in some cases. I’ve decided to leverage the physics system to move by tile, but it ended up being a bit hacky. I was not able to figure out how to use the object’s actual (capsule) collider to accurately move it in code, so I ended up using a sphere collider instead (roughly based on the object’s size).

I am still getting frustrated with MonoDevelop quite a bit. It feels more snappy than visual studio, but the typing completion is so awful. Tabbing back and forth between windows doesn’t work properly (or maybe it’s just different than VS, and I liked VS’s way better). Shift arrow-select never does what I want it to. It doesn’t work properly with the international keyboard, so I keep having to manually switch to the US keyboard every time a new code window is opened (one can only imagine the hacky code behind MonoDevelop’s editor that results in this bug). I know I can setup Unity to work with visual studio, but I haven’t bothered yet.

I downloaded a bunch of sound effects from soundsnap, and polished up a few of my own that I had previously recorded.

I wrote a Blender python script to apply uv coordinates to a mesh based on how it is aligned with the x/y/z axes. uv-unwrapping in Blender scares me, so I just wanted a programmatic way to do it. Now my level floors are looking better, as I can have textures:


I procrastinated about setting up svn for my Unity project. I’m still just backing it up by copying it to another physical drive once a day.

I tested things working in the Unity web player. Super easy to do! For the most part I’m loving Unity.

I’ll share more screenshots and hopefully a video later on this week.


One comment on “Week of Awesome – day 2

  1. Sounds like today was very much a work day. Hope all is going well and that Unity is opening up to you well.

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