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Ambient Occlusion

Early on in the development of my engine, I added a screen space ambient occlusion (SSAO) implementation. I was never really satisfied with this – the effects were fairly subtle (maybe that’s a good thing), and it was expensive (8ms per frame on my admittedly crappy GeForce 8500, and a few ms on the Xbox 360).

The bang for the buck was limited.

Since then though, I’ve been playing around with baked AO. The occlusion term is pre-calculated and baked into vertices of many objects. I was never a fan of this before because it needs thought in applying it each object (i.e. it isn’t a global on/off solution, like SSAO). Also, objects like walls had very few vertices and it so it wouldn’t be feasible for these types of things.

After seeing how good vertex AO looked on vegetation though, I decided to pursue it a little more. In addition to a term baked into plants, I also generate an occlusion term on the terrain at runtime. Certain objects (so far just walls and vegetation) “cast shadows” on the terrain. This is stored in a separate vertex stream so I may be able to update it frame-by-frame for moving objects like characters (this isn’t done yet). Here’s an example with no directional light (e.g. no sun/moon) and thus no shadows. Since I have a dynamic weather system, I can’t always rely on the presence of a directional light (e.g. it might be pouring rain). The light is very flat without AO (top image), and looks much better with AO (bottom image). I may have overdone things here a bit to show the effect.

Ambient hemispheric light only. Top image: no occlusion term. Bottom image: with occlusion term.

The best part about this is that it incurs no perceptible rendering cost (there is some additional CPU cost though).

I think the limited nature of my views will make this a feasible option even if this isn’t phyically correct.


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