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>Trying out some more games

>Half Brick Echoes

A very polished title. The basic arcade-style gameplay doesn’t really appeal to me, but some things I liked:

  • very well done menu system
  • very artistic (I wish I had an artistic touch like that)
  • it explains things quickly and clearly, and gradually introduces more complex elements

Basically, it gets a lot of things right.


Catchy box art and the screenshots looked nice, so I downloaded the trial. Notes:

  • Menus are basic and buggy, and don’t conform to norms (e.g. B for back)
  • No instructions on what to do by pressing the default buttons.
  • I’m still not sure what to do
  • Music was nice and soothing… graphics are pretty good.

I get the feeling there is some interesting gameplay here, but there isn’t much explanation of what’s going on (perhaps part of the enjoyment is figuring it out? but that doesn’t leave much upsell potential). There are a number of basic “gameplay rules” that are broken here.

A Fading Memory

Beautiful introduction. Nice music, very evocative art style. I like games that are art.

Gameplay: it is too easy to die and then I restart at the beginning of the level. I think the controls are a little weird, and don’t behave like other platformers (when you center the stick you immediately stop moving if you’re jumping… feels a little weird).

This may be a good game if you like twitchy precise platformers. But it kind of feels like Braid, and Braid is anything but a twitchy “must jump precisely the exact amount” platformer. The demanding precision here doesn’t seem to mesh with the dark emotional feel of the game.

If it wasn’t so difficult (I am impatient and grow frustrated when I keep dying and get no rewards), then I would probably buy this game. I’m curious how long it is, and what comes next.

A Wizard’s Odyssey

Great music. Best I’ve heard in a community game.

The visuals are an interesting mix of beautiful and bland. The toon shaders are nice. The environment seems a little spartan a low poly. Looks like there is some ambient occlusion going on here? Looks fancy in some areas, but not in others. I thought there were no shadows at first, but I do seem them where light floods in from stained glass window. But only there (which is like 1% of the level).

This game seems interesting, but I don’t know what I get by buying the full version (other than being able to play for more than 8 minutes). How long is the game… how many levels?

Again, the art doesn’t seem to have a common theme, which is a bit unsettling.

Mithra – episode 1, chapter 1

This is a full-blown professional-looking game. Definitely the most graphically advanced game I’ve seen on XBLCG.

They aren’t getting 60FPS, that’s for sure. And there is a short (garbage collection?) pause every few seconds.

Though it was beautiful, it didn’t seem too exciting to me.


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